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I am a Parent and I Want:

  • My child’s learning challenges resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Our homelife to be returned a peaceful place. No more struggles every night over homework, grades and studying.
  • My child to get higher grades, feel happy and confident in school and really thrive in their life.

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I am a Teacher and I Want:

  • Specific learning strategies that will make a real and very positive difference for my students.
  • I want each of my students to have an easier time in school, be able to master their subjects and know how to learn for a lifetime.
  • To explore your courses that apply to continuing teacher education, including units for credential renewal

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learning how to learn in the workplace

I am in the Workplace and I Want:

  • I want to learn new information from trainings, memos, teams and other job-related skills in half the time (learn more here)
  • Stay on top of information that my success depends upon in a knowledge-based economy
  • Read at least twice as fast and recall information the minute I need it
  • Learn new skills and increase my productivity in a stress-free way, that enables me to advance myself professionally

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What People are Saying…

After taking the courses from HowtoLearn.com, my daughter went on the honor roll for the first time ever and her grades improved from C’s to A’s! One strategy literally worked overnight! These strategies keep my daughter on the honor roll.
Debbie Lattuga


I use the Pat Wyman’s Super Teaching Strategies with my class on a regular basis, and they literally beg me for more. I’m certain that Pat’s strategies helped the fourth graders at our school get the highest standardized math test scores in the entire state.
W. Powell


We had an amazing response to the global learning strategies webinar we held with Pat Wyman and her team and were delighted to be able to have a chapter in her worldwide goodwill book Amazing Grades, to help parents, teachers and students everywhere.
J. Baptist


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5 Top Ways Educational Storybooks Improve Literacy

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5 Ways to Help Your Child Deal With Math Anxiety

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7 Ways to Enrich Your Child’s Math at Home

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10 Ways to Help Your Child Build a Love for Mathematics

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About HowToLearn.com and Learning How to Learn

HowtoLearn.com is the world’s leading site for learning resources. It is a transformational and value-driven company for all learners -parents, teachers, students and those in the workplace. Online since 1996, (two years longer than Google), our mission is to:

  • to empower you with the most important meta skill of all -learning how to learn.  You will discover global resources, that our parent and teacher team of experts has evaluated so you know how to learn anything for a lifetime. These resources will help you understand how to learn, by using your own personal learning styles, in any situation whether it be home, school, or work.
  • to transform your life by helping you solve any learning challenges or remove learning roadblocks that may be in your way.
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