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Henry’s Fiscal Responsibility

Growing up, my dad taught me valuable lessons to help manage my spending money. He would always say, “Don’t buy anything you absolutely don’t need…and make it last as long as you can.” He was very practical in his perspective of spending and wanted to ensure that his...

Ten Ways to Protect Your Child from Cyberbullies

Cyberbullying has quickly turned into a pandemic on the web, causing severe emotional and psychological pain to children. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, over 40% of all teenagers with Internet access have reported being bullied online....

10 Ways to Get the Money You Need Every Time!

I know the biggest objection I hear from people working with me is, “I would love to, but I don’t have the money”. AND I know it is the biggest struggle you have when landing clients, as well. Out of all the objections for people to get the help, support, coaching, or...

How To Memorize And Recall More Information

When we first learn something, information is processed by the brain to form a neural trace that first enters your sensory memory and then, if you’re paying attention, enters your Short Term Memory (STM). If you keep working to process the information and adapt...

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