Did You Know Your Baby Can Read?

If you watch T.V. these days, you will see an infomercial running just about everywhere on a system called Your Baby Can Read.

Your Baby Can ReadThe concept is excellent as it draws on neuroscience principles that the first five years of life is when your child’s brain is growing and developing the most.

I’ve reviewed this Your Baby Can Read program personally and am thinking about using it with my new grandson. But – I so have some questions and would love your thoughts.

During an exclusive interview with Dr. Robert Titzer, creator of the Your Baby Can Read system, I dug deep to find out more about how this remarkable system works.

We did this interview as part of a blog we had called Raising Smarter Children, which was owned by HowToLearn.com

Dr. Titzer used the Your Baby Can Read system to teach his own child how to read before she was two years old.

As a reading specialist and learning expert, I wondered if this would empower children as they enter our school system, well ahead of the other children.

Curiously, there seems to be almost an inverse relationship. On the one hand, kids who read a few grades ahead of the others when they enter school will clearly have an advantage, and at the same time, I wondered if the teachers have both the materials and where-with-all to keep these children interested and engaged in the current curriculum for the first grade, or will they be too advanced for it?

What are your thoughts about having kids read by the time they are two?

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Here is the link so you can listen to Your Baby Can Read exclusive interview with Dr. Robert Titzer.


Posted by +Pat Wyman, author and founder of HowToLearn.com