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Study Skills – Making What we Learn Stick for Life

We all learned study skills in school. Some of them worked well, while others didn’t. A lot of the success or failure of our studies in school depended on how well a technique worked for us as an individual. Now that we know learning to be an individual process, we...

How To Teach Phonics Organically

These days “organic” is the magic word and with the right program you can learn how to teach phonics organically. With a rise in child obesity, warnings against processed food, and the conflicting messages about potatoes, milk, – or any other food we’ve grown to love...

How To Improve Learning with Captioned Videos

Teachers who have a variety of students in their classroom with different learning styles can easily improve learning with captioned videos. In addition, teachers can help disadvantaged students improve learning with captioned videos  as well. This includes students...

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