video editingParents everywhere can now create high quality movies of kids best moments and edit them into videos with their friends and family. A new free web service, WeVideo offers easy to use ways to cut footage, add music, and make quality mini movies.

Memory mavens can actually collaborate with others to make a real movie of a kid’s birthday party without being a computer whiz or a video expert.

To share the editing process is a great way to involve other friends and family members, relieving some of the pressure of busy parents… After little league games, parents, family and friends have dozens of great video clips that usually remain just that – clips.

With WeVideo, families can share a WeVideo link for everyone on the team to upload their clips and turn them into a video. Every moment captured on tape can be edited and enhanced to improve the audio and video quality, and unwanted scenes can be deleted too.

Parents can edit videos online in a browser without having to download or purchase anything! The basic account for up to one gig of video editing space and storage is free! Once the editing is done, videos can be shared on your preferred sites like YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook.

Free accounts to utilize this online video editing software are available at WeVideo dot com