The Panic Free Job Search will help you to be irresistible to employers.

Want to have financial security and never, ever have to do a traditional job search again?

The Panic Free Job Search: Unleash the Power of the Web and Social Networking to Get Hired is about creating an irresistible offer that employers are attracted to and are compelled to act on.

Forget about focusing on getting your foot in the door …When you unleash the power of the web and social networking to promote your career you open up the “world” of employers and bring them to your door step.

The Panic Free Job Search will transform you.

You will become self-confident, focused, and have the clarity to know what you want in your next job and most importantly what actions to take to get the next job that will advance your career. 

The Panic Free Job SearchWith The Panic Free Job Search you will have a clear job search strategy and a step-by step plan, the tools you need to find and impress the right decision makers, the ability to deploy effective tactical interview techniques, the know-how to close the deal and get the job that is right for you. 

The game has changed and you can no longer count on an employer for your job security or for your career progression – The Panic Free Job Search will show you how to be proactive and take ownership of your career management.

You will learn how to be a candidate and not an applicant and how to avoid being sucked in to playing the “click and send” your resume lottery game.

Instead, you will exploit the new way employers find candidates and expand your career opportunities by attracting employers and recruiters to you so that you will never ever have to do a traditional job search ever again. 

From  developing a professional, web-savvy profile, leveraging the power of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and OneLoad, to even a personal website, The Panic Free Job Search is a must have resource that will get you on the fast track to HIRED!

Paul HillPaul Hill has built an award-winning record as a leader in the placement industry through his work as president of ADV Advanced Technical Services Inc. (ADV), an international search and placement company.

He is recognized as a new breed of Internet job search expert by his loyal followers, dedicated to guiding and educating professionals to be proactive by adopting professional Internet branding best practices through his work as chief instructor and principal of TransitionToHired, a division of ADV.

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