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5 Steps To Help Couples Improve Their Relationship

When I meet couples in therapy they typically expect that their partner will change to meet their needs. Those that are successful learn that they need to work on themselves as well. The following five suggestions will help many couples improve their relationship:...

Tips For Teaching English In A Foreign Country

Have you been lucky enough to land a job teaching English as a Second Language abroad?   If so, congratulations! You’re about to set off on what very well may be the most exciting time of your life! You’re undoubtedly filled with questions and anticipation about what...

How To Identify And Avoid Pirated Software

Laws prohibiting pirated software are stricter now than they ever have been before. Simply possessing pirated software could land you in serious legal trouble. The fine for every incident of title infringement is up to $100,000 and possible jail time. Ignorance of the...

Tips To Keep You Safe From Fireworks Injuries

The summer season has arrived bringing barbecues, pool parties and unfortunately fireworks injuries.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates approximately 8,600 individuals are treated in the emergency rooms yearly due to fireworks injuries. Michigan...

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