3 responses to “How To Repair A Child With Reactive Attachment Disorder”

  1. tabatha

    I was diagnosed with r.a.d. at an early age, however, treatment never got provided until researching it as an adult. I’m realizing where my problems are and where relationship issues are coming from. Any advice on how to help my husband understand me?

    1. Terri

      Tabatha, I think you’re amazing for seeking treatment! If I were you, I’d tell my husband to read what you’re reading and share your past traumas with him. Men love to “fix” things so he will probably be VERY open to learning about RAD and learn how you communicate so he can ‘fix’ the communication part of your relationship so to speak. Good luck and I wish you a VERY happy adulthood and marriage! :)

  2. Andrea

    Thank you for your article Janet, I have a young person in my care whom I think has RAD and am trying to find a professional to assist us with supporting this young person in Melbourne. I would really appreciate any suggestions or advice. Thank you for your time and assistance with this matter. Kind regards, Andrea.

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