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Does Bullying Differ In College

Bullying has long been a schoolyard issue. With elementary age children pushing or shoving and ongoing teasing, some children dread the atmosphere that surrounds what should be a safe environment. Sadly, as we’ve seen more and more in recent years, bullying does not...

Tips And Tricks for How to Handle College Roommates

Adjusting to college life can be exciting, overwhelming and sometimes scary. Within the first year, college students learn and experience new things and face challenges they’ve never faced before. Adjusting to new roommates can be one of those hurdles. Your roommate...

Your Personal Learning Style Determines How You Learn Best

What is your preferred personal learning style?  Students learn in different ways and this is known as their personal learning style. Some students prefer to look at and read new material (visual learners), some find it easier to listen (auditory learners), and some...

How To Resist Peer Pressure

It is very difficult for most teens to resist peer pressure.   They want to be like their friends and belong to a peer group.  That is a teenager’s developmental task.  However, sometimes they are pressured by friends to do things that place them at risk for bad...

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