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How To Teach Young Children Financial Literacy

It’s never too early to start kids on the road to financial literacy, financial security and teach them about money. Author of two books and teacher, Danny Kofke says he is appalled when kids with college degrees are working at jobs in shopping malls and...

March Madness Encourages Literacy

Schools in Brunswich County, North Carolina are using March Madness competitions to inspire middle school students about reading. Students use computers to vote on their favorite literary characters and the characters become the basis for engaging classroom lessons....

How to Make Your Child’s Learning More Effective

The natural instinct of all parents is to ensure that their children get the best opportunities at being a success in life.  That kids perform better academically and in other areas from a young age with greater parental involvement is no secret. Football players,...

Teachers Use Legos To Teach Math, Reading and Science

At a third grade school in Tennessee the kids are using Legos to motivate kids to learn. Teachers are designing lessons using Lego education sets and computers to involve kids in multiple subject learning at one time. The students are discovering what it is like as...

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