Earth day is April 22nd and here are some tips for teaching children to care for the earth.

This Earth Day Kiwi Crate is providing parents with simple ways to teach kids how to reduce their impact on the planet with its Caring for Earth crate. If you aren’t familiar with it already, Kiwi Crate is the creativity company for kids ages 3-7 that delivers crates containing all of the necessary materials for inspiring, educational and fun projects right to the doorstep of busy parents.

Kiwi Crate’s Caring for Earth on Earth Day crate teaches children how to reduce, reuse and recycle with the following projects:

·         Paper-Making Kit — Kids learn first-hand how recycled paper is made by shaking shredded recycled paper and brightly-colored tissue paper together in the included bottle to create paper pulp. Then, they use mesh sheets to press the pulp in a custom tray and air-dry it to create their own unique, handmade paper.

·         Reusable Bag—Kids use clay to make impressions of fern and aspen leaves, creating reusable stamps. Then they help reduce their plastic bag use by decorating a 100% recycled paper bag with their own stamp art.

Earth Day

·         Explore More—This crate includes a booklet of unusual, creative projects using household items that would otherwise be thrown away. Kids recycle materials like coffee cup sleeves, CD cases and juice pouches into pretty, fun and useful crafts.