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My Child is Simply Not Motivated

WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? As we have discussed in each of the previous issues, problems related to school and homework have many different dimensions. Depending on the problems you are seeing at home, your child may: simply lack confidence in him/ herself, want some...

Children Bullied During Sports Become Less Active

A recent study from Brigham Young University shows that children bullied during sports become less active overall.  If bullying occurs in sports or PE class, children become less interested in physical activities, and they withdraw, becoming inactive.   A year later,...

Television and Children

How do we balance television and children ‘s well-being? As parents, we hear about the negative effects of television on children over and over again. Our children’s generation is much more connected to the media than we ever were. Nearly every home in the...

Youth Violence Prevention: Health Homes

There are 4 groups of violent people: 1. Chronic delinquents/criminals; 2. Those that are severely mentally ill or autistic with 1 major public eruption of violence; 3. Those with primarily family violence 4.  Those that are violent within groups such as gangs and...

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