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Students Create Biodiesel Fuel from Soybeans

All it takes is a few bushels, and students create biodiesel fuel from soybeans.  The locally grown crop powered a road trip from Kentucky to Alabama, promoting the use of alternative energy along the way. The students, part of Whites Creek High School’s Academy of...

Students Learn Math and Science Through Interest in CSI

Future criminologists are getting encouragement and opportunity as students learn math and science through interest in CSI.  For Lincoln Esmil, a student at Avon Park High School, it was neat Saturday to learn about crime scene investigation, which helps detectives...

Getting On The Job Experience in High School

Earlier this month, Georgia’s Career Technical Education (CTE) administrators met to discuss how to continue to fund career technical courses for students getting on the job experience in high school.  Lingering financial insecurity has prompted students across the...

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