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Math and Magic

Some math and magic livened up the summer program at one elementary school, where students got an opportunity to show off their math skills during a special assembly. To show students that math can really be fun, Doug Scheer of Scheer Genius Assembly Shows proves that...

Teaching Cursive Writing

Teaching cursive writing has become controversial lately, as some districts are debating whether the skill is essential or not.  However, performance benchmarks are being set in Tennessee, guiding the teaching of cursive writing to students. The Tennessee state...

Accelerating the Graduation Rate for Dropouts

A special school program is accelerating the graduation rate for dropouts without having them ever set foot in a public school. Students who are not on tract to complete their high school diploma by their 21st birthday will now have an opportunity to attend the Bethel...

Music and Theater Revive Summer School

They thought they woudn’t be able to offer much of a program this summer, but then an opportunity came about to have music and theater revive summer school. Because of budget cutbacks, teachers at Sully and Guilford elementary schools thought they wouldn’t be...

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