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Students Learn Many Lessons in the School Garden

Elementary school students learn many lessons in the school garden, and they have fun doing it too!  From planting to harvest, students learn about plant life, nutrition, science, math, and working together. “I don’t know what kind of tomato it is, but it’s green and...

Teaching Problem Solving to Young Children

Even in preschool, teaching problem solving to young children is an important activity that students enjoy.  Thanks to some technological assistance, children in Janice Fuller’s preschool class learn estimation and problem solving skills with the help of...

Creative Scheduling for High School

Introducing new curriculum, intervention, and instruction that will soon be mandated has made creative scheduling for high school classes to be a necessity. In Cumberland County, the new AIR time program includes academic resources, one on one help, and...

History Comes Alive

It isn’t enough to just read about what happened in the 1600s for students who ensure that history comes alive with replicas of the actual settings and events. That’s what an eighth grade social studies class did at West Chatham Middle School.  They didnt...

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