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Student Re-Enactment of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Although they weren’t born with it happened, a student re-enactment of the fall of the Berlin Wall has helped teens understand the significance of the demolishing of the barrier that once stood between East and West Berlin. Members of the Unity Christian School...

1000 Food Items Collected by Kids Helping Families

The magic number is 1000, because that represents the 1000 food items collected by kids helping families with a food drive this holiday season. Fairview Elementary School Spirit Club collected that many items for their food drive in just three weeks.  10 local...

Kids Learn Financial Literacy from a Dog Park Game

Lessons about money can be fun when kids learn financial literacy from a dog park game. The board game set in a dog park shows the complexities of life to elementary school students and they have a great time playing it! FETCH! divides students into teams.  They throw...

Engineering Lab For Middle Schoolers

An engineering lab for middle schoolers is known as the “Fab Lab” built with the intent of fostering teamwork, experimentation, inquiry and hands on experience in learning from STEM courses. At Valley Middle School in Apple Valley, eighth grader Jarett...

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