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How to Survive as the Black Sheep of the Family

How to Survive as the Black Sheep of the Family

It’s that time of year when we visit with family and friends – maybe family or people that we don’t normally spend a lot of […]

Kindergarteners Learning Lessons in Two Languages

A successful bilingual program which features ‌kindergarteners learning lessons in two languages has given children the idea that dual language communication is a regular part […]

Student-Teacher Relationship Effect on Math Achievement

Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation, the student-teacher relationship effect on math achievement is being studied and schools are endeavoring to reduce […]

World History Class Required for Graduation

Soon a world history class required for graduation will be available for students starting high school in 2017. In the state of Ohio, the legislature […]

Dual Credit Classes Give High School Students an Advantage

The Center for School Change has found that dual credit classes give high school students an advantage in preparing for college. In St Paul, some […]

Students Learning History By Creating an Opera

An imaginative teacher has promoted opportunities for students learning history by creating an opera with her class. Recently, Meredith Mooney received a $7,000 check  recognizing […]

Social Inclusion Classes Connect Special Students

Social inclusion classes connect special students and English language learners with their peers in a number of ways, through various activities. At Fargo Davies High […]

Using Arts to Build Interest in Science

An after school club is using arts to build interest in science with an unlikely approach. The after school duct tape club, funded by the […]

All Boys Public Elementary School Proposed

An all boys public elementary school proposed under a turnaround plan is attracting some interest and some questions. In Lansing Michigan, Willow Elementary, a school […]

Kids Adopt A Library Shelf

In much the same way that adults adopt a strip of highway to care for, a middle school library aide has set up a program where […]

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