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Student Built Viking House is For Sale

The student built Viking House is for sale, and can be toured now. Forest Grove High School students built the 2145 square foot model home.  […]

Learning Commons Spaces in School Libraries

Schools are rethinking how they use learning spaces, and that includes not only classrooms, but learning commons spaces in school libraries. At the Carver School […]

Dual Language Students Move Up Into Middle School

It's nothing new to these kids, but as dual language students move up into middle school, their course work will be taught in two languages.  […]

Kids Learning Math In A New Way

Putting their skills on display for parents, kids learning math in a new way confidentially team up and proudly show off how they work together […]

Parents Back In School With Their Kids For GED

An innovative high school teacher has found a way to get parents back to school with their kids for GED studies. Robin Clark has started […]

Switching Gears: What Graduates are Facing in the Financial World Today

For many people, earning a college diploma is one of the biggest accomplishments they achieve. But after they hang their caps and gowns in the […]

Child Stress is Reduced by Strength Based Parenting

Researchers at the University of Melbourne have found that child stress is reduced by strength based parenting. Strength based parenting enables parents to deliberately identify […]

How Essential is Art In School?

Many school districts across the country are asking themselves one important question:  how essential is art in school? Penn State professor of art education Christine Marmé […]

Social Anxiety Among Kids With Autism is Eased By Pets

New research suggests that social anxiety among kids with autism is eased by pets. Guinea pigs were the animals used by researchers, and they found […]

Move To Improve Math Skills

It might seem silly, but new research suggests that the brain may perform calculations better if you move to improve Math skills. There may be […]

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