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Finding Common Core Resources in Spanish is Challenging

Teachers in bilingual programs have discovered that finding Common Core resources in Spanish is challenging. At Freedom Elementary School, students in the bilingual program just […]

Clean Water Around the World

Helping people have access to clean water around the world was the focus of the WaterThon event held by second graders in Montclair, New Jersey. […]

Book on Hunger Illustrated by Students

Cutler students illustrate book on hunger Children at the Cutler School in Hamilton learned first-hand about hunger and poverty on Thursday, June 11, thanks to […]

Kids Create a Walking Tour with Videos and QR Codes

A class project to have kids create a walking tour with videos and QR codes is a win-win for teachers and students. The fifth graders […]

Focusing on Foreign Language Proficiency

Schools are focusing on foreign language proficiency so that students will gain practical knowledge of a foreign language as well as the technicalities of grammar […]

Summer Learning with the Arts

A new type of enrichment involving summer learning with the arts is disguising lessons in fun activities. In Colorado Springs School District 11, regular summer […]

Mental Healthcare for Children is in Crisis

According to researchers at the Child Mind Institute, mental healthcare for children is in crisis.  50 percent of all children in the United States have […]

Bilingual Grads Earn Their State Seal

For the first time, hundreds of bilingual grads earn their state seal proving that they are fluent and literate in two languages as Washington state […]

STEM Camp is Geared Up For Girls

As summer STEM camp is geared up for girls, Jessa Braak thinks the idea of science being only for boys was pretty funny. “I think […]

Middle School Renewal is a Team Effort

In  the quest for tangible changes that mean real improvement, one school is finding that middle school renewal is a team effort. Westside Middle School […]

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