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A Safe Place for At Risk Students

As a resource for a safe place for at risk students, the IMPACT program is having a positive impact at one community high school The […]

Principal Creating a Culture of Trust

A new school year has given an opportunity to a new principal creating a culture of trust in a high school which needed improvement in […]

Gifted Academy Is A School Experience Like No Other

A group of lucky students this year is discovering that the Gifted Academy is a school experience like no other. 300 students will attend the […]

Mastering Classroom Management

Mastering Classroom Management

Many teachers assume that “classroom management” means trying to control student behavior through rules and enforcing consequences. But my experience is that truly effective classroom […]

Charter Schools Focus on Language Immersion

They can focus on many academic areas, but when charter schools focus on language immersion, they fill a unique need for many districts. World Compass […]

New App Helps Kids Learn and Earn Rewards

For parents who want to encourage their children to use c, a  new app helps kids learn and earn rewards. The Learn and Earn app, […]

Brain Process for ASL is the Same as For Spoken Language

Researchers have proven that American Sign Language is a language, as the brain process for ASL is the same as for spoken language. Deaf people […]

Speaking and Listening Skills Get a Boost

Speaking and listening skills get a boost every summer at Brain Camp. The program is a summer camp for students who need extra help to […]

Teaching Refugee Children

Teaching refugee children is a new challenge for some elementary school teachers, who are already experienced with teaching children who come from other countries.  Refugee […]

Students and Employees Believe Success is Linked to High Income

A recent survey shows that both students and employees believe success is linked to high income and believe they will need to earn more than […]

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