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Rubik’s Cube Gets Students To Enjoy Math

A teacher's interest in Rubik's Cube gets students to enjoy math. Teens in Dan  Van Der Vieren's math class are intrigued by the puzzle, which […]

Heart Healthy Lifestyles in Preschool

Heart healthy lifestyles in preschool have long term benefits, as research suggests that even age 3 is never too early for learning healthy eating habits. […]

Solving the Mystery of Who Stole The Cookies

During a "CSI whodunit" family night students and families were busily solving the mystery of who stole the cookies. “Everybody is engaged and everybody is […]

Financial Literacy and Civics are a New Focus for Schools

Because they are becoming regarded as cornerstones of modern literacy, financial literacy and civics are a new focus for schools. In Massachussetts, legislation is being […]

This Classroom Has a Lego Wall

It's true that classroom design has a lot to do with how students are engaged in learning, but one teacher has taken it a bit […]

Candy Sweetens Math Lessons

Math competition was delicious for some middle school students, as their school hosted a Skittles Math/Science Challenge in which candy sweetens math lessons. At Barker Middle […]

Encouragement To Explore Careers Starts Early

As early as in elementary school,  encouragement to explore careers starts early. "There's really a push right now in Indiana to prepare students toward career […]

After School Clubs Are Supported By Teachers

Giving students a chance to learn new skills and connect in unique ways is one reason why after school clubs are supported by teachers. At […]

Project Based Learning To Benefit The Community

Four high school civics classes are getting ready for project based learning to benefit the community. The 10 week Civic Action Project involves civic service […]

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