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Snow Days are Still School Days with Online Learning

Despite the cancellation of school for several days due to snow, students are finding out that snow days are still school days with online learning. […]

Ending the Stigma on Free and Reduced Price School Lunches

A community group is working toward ending the stigma on free and reduced price school lunches. The Hunger Council of Brattleboro, Vermont recently discovered that […]

Fourth Graders Are Learning About Life Cycles through BioEYES

Thanks to a donation by the Williams College Center for Learning in Action, a class of fourth graders are learning about life cycles through BioEYES. At […]

Results of the Iowa Youth Straw Poll are In

The results of the Iowa Youth Straw Poll are in, and it looks like students favor Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Over 280 schools in […]

Teens are Affected By Chronic Fatigue More Often Than Expected

Teens are affected by Chronic Fatigue more often than expected, according to the largest study ever conducted on the effect of the disease on children. […]

Students Debating Which Books Should Receive a Newbery Award

A sixth grade reading group has students debating which books should receive a Newbery Award. At D.C. Everest Middle School, 50 students were chosen to […]

Numbers are Processed on Both Sides of the Brain

According to a recent study, MRI scans show that numbers are processed on both sides of the brain.  Math is processed bilaterally, and both sides […]

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