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A prosthetic hand was designed by budding engineers in fifth grade.  The engineering project was accomplished with teamwork in Sue Gore’s fifth grade class at Liberty Intermediate School in Chesterton, and the help of parents at home.

Budding Engineers in Fifth GradeAccording to Gore, the project was made possible by a science grant from the Duneland Education Foundation.  All science teachers collaborated, and all Liberty Intermediate students benefitted.

“We’ve been studying engineering and the design process,” Gore said. “There’s always a problem. When engineers design something, it’s because there is a need. The first thing they do is to identify the problem, then brainstorm ideas.”

The prosthetic hand was the first project.  “The creativity and functionality of each arm was impressive,” she said.

Among the things students learned was the physiology of the human hand, and how to work with a Phillips and flathead screwdriver and know the difference.


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