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Math Literacy Initiative

A math literacy initiative is raising scores on state tests for grades 3 through 8. Terri Bucci is a math researcher who finds data that […]

Experts Advising Against Developmental Delay Screens of all Kids

Concern over limited resources has prompted a panel of Canadian experts advising against developmental delay screens of all kids if they show no signs of problems […]

Creating a Mural With American Students and Syrian Refugees

An international non profit has partnered with schools and relief organizations for creating a mural with American students and Syrian refugees working together from across […]

Fining Schools that Disregard Nutrition Rules For School Lunch

In a controversial move, the federal government is exploring the possibility of fining schools that disregard nutrition rules for school lunch programs. The U.S. Department […]

Seventh Graders Get a View of the College Experience

Thanks to a community partnership, seventh graders get a view of the college experience. The Santa Cruz County College Commitment Partnership allows students to see […]

Students Build Homes and Career Success

A group of building trades students build homes and career success by applying their education in the construction field while still in high school. At […]

Educators Debate the Importance of Algebra

As educators debate the importance of algebra, a new argument that it is an unnecessary stumbling block contributing to academic failure has sparked controversy. "One […]

Requiring Cursive Writing in Public Schools

A national debate is underway about requiring cursive writing in public schools, with some legislators attempting to pass laws that would require that cursive script be […]

Growing the Community Garden With Seed Money

A group of fifth graders has received a $3,500 grant so they can grow the community garden with seed money from Fiskars' 2016 Project Orange Thumb. […]

Life Skills Class is Helping Students Get Ahead

A life skills class is helping students get ahead. One of the most important things for them is the ability to remain in their local […]

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