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Kids Create Candy Companies

In a sweet exercise to learn about business and language arts, an enterprising teacher had kids create candy companies for a Confections for a Cause […]

Online Technical School is the First of Its Kind

A new online technical school is the first of its kind, as it is the result of collaboration between a technical college, an online education […]

Learning About Criminal Justice on Law Day

A special tour of the county jail and courthouse was all part of middle school students learning about criminal justice on Law Day. 92 students […]

Kids Are Digging Up Dirt For Arbor Day

Kids are digging up dirt for Arbor Day, and they are protecting their school's trees from weeds. The fifth graders from Treynor Elementary School spread […]

High Schools are Mixing Job Training With Academics

High schools are mixing job training with academics, as cateer education is making a comeback in schools in the United States. Years ago, "shop class" […]

Using Universal Design for Learning

A middle school teacher is using universal design for learning, and he finds that giving students choices and inspiring them is having important results. At P.K. […]

National Math and Reading Score Decline

Data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) indicates that there is a national math and reading score decline among 12th graders. Scores from […]

Social Studies Students Teach Adults About Social Media

At the Northeast Regional Conference on the Social Studies, one teacher had social studies students teach adults about social media. Rebecca Lewis brought students to […]

Study Shows Student Suspensions Reduced Through Teacher Empathy

A new study shows student suspensions reduced through teacher empathy, even when  only one teacher changes behavior. The results can be astounding. Math teachers who […]

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