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Kids Create Candy Companies

In a sweet exercise to learn about business and language arts, an enterprising teacher had kids create candy companies for a Confections for a Cause project. Teacher Kellie Wheelan started the project at Canfeld Middle School more than 15 years ago.  Seventh graders...

Online Technical School is the First of Its Kind

A new online technical school is the first of its kind, as it is the result of collaboration between a technical college, an online education provider, and a trade union. The Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin was brought about through a partnership with Fox...

Learning About Criminal Justice on Law Day

A special tour of the county jail and courthouse was all part of middle school students learning about criminal justice on Law Day. 92 students took a tour of the facilities during a field trip where they could ask District Judge Kelley Gillette-Walker about real on...

Kids Are Digging Up Dirt For Arbor Day

Kids are digging up dirt for Arbor Day, and they are protecting their school’s trees from weeds. The fifth graders from Treynor Elementary School spread mulch around the trees they planted last year at their school. The maintenance was part of the Treynor...

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