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District is Ditching iPads in Favor of Laptops

A district is ditching iPads in favor of laptops, with the encouragement of teachers and students.  The consensus is that iPads present difficulties for older students with word processing and keyboard entry, and they are a distraction that students associate with...

Success for At Risk Students

A new program has developed support, hope, and success for at risk students. At Belmonte Middle School, the new program called Next Steps for Success has resulted in some dramatic change around for some students. “I didn’t care,” said seventh grader Kevin Parada. “I...

Improving Writing with Random Acts of Kindness

A middle school language arts teacher is encouraging students to work on improving writing with random acts of kindness. At Daviess County Middle School, teacher Melody Wallace has been striving to help her students become better writers.  She has focused on making...

The Pasta Bridge Challenge

Students took the pasta bridge challenge and put their creations made of fettuccini and Elmer’s glue to the test.  At Fair Lawn High School, the end of the day turned up a bridge that could hold an amazing 400 pounds.  It didn’t beat the all time record...

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