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Reading to Develop a Moral Imagination

It’s a rare parent who doesn’t believe that reading is crucial for their children’s success, and widespread data support those views. Students who are good readers are more likely to do well in school, obtain higher grades, and pass exams than are those with...

Combining Sports and Math in Summer Camp

Combining sports and math in summer camp is one way to get students to learn math and use it while encouraging physical activity and enjoying recreation. 12 year old Hayden Benreni said that struggles with math during the school year are “kind of scary.” “At the end...

Is Classroom Stress Contagious?

Is classroom stress contagious?  Researchers have discovered that yes, stress is contagious, and when teacher feel burned out, their students have elevated stress levels. Canadian researchers discovered that when teachers in 4th to 7th grade said they felt...

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