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Extra Help is Boosting Grades

A little extra help is boosting grades for middle school students who regularly meet each Wednesday for 20 minutes before homeroom period. At James Buchanan […]

Pedal Desks are Sparking Global Interest

Thanks to one middle school teacher's efforts to keep her students focused while in class, pedal desks are sparking global interest. Bethany Lambeth has been […]

Taking the Fear Out of Math

An award winning high school teacher is taking the fear out of math. At Hickman High School, math is a language that is to be […]

Innovative School District is Being Noticed Worldwide

An innovative school district is being noticed worldwide, because there is no such thing as thinking outside the box in a small town where there is […]

Behavioral Treatment for Kids with ADHD is Helpful for Homework

A recent small study indicates that behavioral treatment for kids with ADHD is helpful for homework and may be more effective than the usually prescribed […]

Poor Exercise in Teen Years Forms Later Habits for Adults

A US study suggests that poor exercise in teen years forms later habits for adults. American teens who are sedentary often continue those patterns as […]

Standards Based Grading is Replacing Traditional Point Systems

At two schools, standards based grading is replacing traditional  point systems, and thus there are no more zeros, extra credit, or grade bumps for effort. […]

School Within a School Builds on Project Based Learning

100 eighth graders will have a new approach to learning as a school within a school builds on project based learning. In Virginia's Franklin and […]

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