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Students Learning to Run a Restaurant

Students learning to run a restaurant are also learning job and life skills.  At Bellefonte Area High School, the Life Skills Cafe is held the last Friday of the month. The mission of the Life Skills Cafe, according to teacher Rachael Davis, is to teach skills that...

The Promise Neighborhood Math Club

For high school students with goals, the Promise Neighborhood Math Club is an important resource.  In Central Minnesota, approximately 80 kids attend the bi-monthly classes offered at the non-profit Promise Neighborhood organization. The organization offers social...

Elementary Students Testing a Surgical Robot

Elementary students testing a surgical robot had a chance to explore technology available to surgeons for over 900 procedures.  At Jack Anderson Elementary School,  Dr. Jeff Hollis showed students the da Vinci Surgical System and explained the impact of the...

Co-Teaching in Special Education

A new model for co-teaching in special education is being implemented at Fort Bend ISD.  Teaching general education and special education students in the same classroom is possible when teachers for general education and special education work together on lesson...

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