Personalized Learning Benefits and Top 7 Trends

Did you ever wish that what you learned in school could connect directly with your interests, passions, strengths and with what you'll do after you leave school? Wish you could learn in your own way and at the pace that's most comfortable for you?

If so, then personalized learning answers those questions and more.

What Personalized Learning is and What the Benefits Are

In short, personalized learning is both the education of today and the future. It is learner-centered and custom tailored to each individual student. The educational community world-wide is seeing the enormous benefits in personalized learning for every student, and new technologies make it possible for teachers to spend more time with each student individually. Teachers are able to guide and mentor students in areas that they are most passionate about, and no longer need to set up classrooms and offer instruction in a one-size-fits-all fashion.

Long gone are the days when teaching takes place with the teacher delivering content at the front of the classroom to passive recipients.

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Personalized learning, and the new technology that supports it, such as that offered for free by Summit Public Schools and powered by Facebook) allows:

*students to take charge of their education in a way that motivates and inspires them

*students can learn at their own pace, jumping ahead or taking a bit longer to master concepts

*get immediate feedback on subject mastery

*learn in the way that they prefer

* show what they know via individual or group projects

The benefits to using personalized learning are limitless and thousands of schools and students worldwide benefit from customizing their learning. Achievement gaps can close, students no longer need to compare themselves with other students, grades and test scores improve and more students stay in school and enroll in college.

So what are the trends in personalized learning? turned to EducationDive for the highights and thank author Tara Garcia Matthewson for her insights.

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Learn how to use Personalized Learning to Create the Future You Want. Available for 99 cents on kindle for a limited time! CLICK ON BOOK TO SAVE OVER $11.00

2 responses to “Personalized Learning Benefits and Top 7 Trends”

  1. Ralph Sirvent

    Personalized learning is what will radically change education from the elementary level to the college level. It’s about time that educators respected the needs of students. If they are recognized as having the ability to learn by themselves, they will learn and learn well. I have been learning on my own for years, because I have become dissatisfied with the methods used to deliver educational content to students and because it is so time consuming to be in a class full of disruptions. When I learn on my own I can create the right environment that allows me to learn at my pace and gives me the opportunity to focus in on the things I know I need to learn.

  2. Abrie Pepler

    I have spoken about this type of learning for a long time now. I love what you stand for and would love to hear more from you

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