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Students Learn to be Tech Troubleshooters

Helping students learn to be tech troubleshooters is making them an on site Geek Squad in residence in their school. It’s also enabling students to learn how to use and maintain equipment. “One of the goals teachers and administrators strive for at Lake...

Kids are Making Their Own Maple Syrup

When kids are making their own maple syrup, they are making edible gold! Third graders from Seabrook schools in New Hampshire had the opportunity to watch raw maple sap be boiled down into syrup.  Teacher Kate Belanger introduced them to Seabrook Farm to School...

Raising Awareness of Dyslexia

Students are raising awareness of dyslexia by teaching parents and teachers what their experience is like during a dyslexia simulation. Two groups of students in St. Vrain Valley and Boulder Valley, Colorado, led several dozen adults through six different exercises...

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