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Overcoming Math Anxiety

People who struggle with overcoming math anxiety are not all bad at math.  They experience a high amount of stress at performing mathematical tasks, especially […]

Social Anxiety in Students

Schools are seeing an increase in social anxiety in students, particularly in elementary schools. According to Jessica Duncanson, director of Student Services at Pembroke Schools, […]

Games and Math Anxiety

Games and math anxiety reduction are the subject of several recent studies. 2 million children are affected by math anxiety. The fear of math affects […]

Do Pets Protect Children From Anxiety and Stress?

Do pets protect children from anxiety and stress?  Recent research published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supports the idea that pet dogs may […]

Psychologists Claim Common Core State Tests Give Kids Anxiety

It may come as no surprise to some parents that psychologists claim that Common Core state tests give kids anxiety. In New York, 3/4 of […]

Changes in a Gifted Program Create Parental Anxiety

A burning issue this summer is receiving a lot of attention, as changed in a gifted program create parental anxiety. There are approximately 2,500 eligible […]

Social Anxiety Among Kids With Autism is Eased By Pets

New research suggests that social anxiety among kids with autism is eased by pets. Guinea pigs were the animals used by researchers, and they found […]

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