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Overcoming Math Anxiety

People who struggle with overcoming math anxiety are not all bad at math.  They experience a high amount of stress at performing mathematical tasks, especially under pressure. Researchers have developed surveys to determine if students have math anxiety.  The...

Social Anxiety in Students

Schools are seeing an increase in social anxiety in students, particularly in elementary schools. According to Jessica Duncanson, director of Student Services at Pembroke Schools, social/emotional learners struggle with “managing stress, being able to handle their...

Games and Math Anxiety

Games and math anxiety reduction are the subject of several recent studies. 2 million children are affected by math anxiety. The fear of math affects children at a young age, especially among girls. Children are not born with math anxiety, and many acquire it when...

Do Pets Protect Children From Anxiety and Stress?

Do pets protect children from anxiety and stress?  Recent research published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supports the idea that pet dogs may protect children from childhood anxiety. Some of the reasons include research that the US Public Health...

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