Local History of a Unique Community

Third graders were not given the option of using textbooks in learning about the local history of a unique community where they live.  Instead, the […]

Kids Publish a Book in Spanish About Changing the World

Having kids publish a book in Spanish about changing the world is giving them a head start on turning their dreams into actions. At Bruce […]

Building an Obstacle Course Creates An Opportunity for Learning

In one elementary school, building an obstacle course creates an opportunity for learning in the first grade. Teacher Vicky Novak overheard a conversation between two […]

The Joy of Reading with Dr. Seuss

The joy of reading with Dr. Seuss was celebrated by teachers honoring his birthday as part of the annual Read Across America celebration. “The more […]

Preparing For STEM Careers and Bright Futures

High school students are preparing for STEM careers and bright futures as they learn the skills for success. At Minot High School in North Dakota, […]

Journey to the Center of the Earth Inside a Globe

Students are making a journey to the center of the earth inside a globe specially designed for them to view the world's continents. The globe […]

Research Shows That Field Trips Enhance Student Learning

Research shows that field trips enhance student learning. Sarah Lawrence College graduate student in the Art of Teaching program Lars Freeman conducted observations and surveyed […]

Students are Redesigning School Common Areas

In meeting a challenge to find a project based learning assignment that would benefit the whole school, students are redesigning school common areas. At Liberty […]

Performing Poetry

Reading poetry isn't enough for these students, they are performing poetry in ways that enhance their learning, appreciation, and understanding of it. At Princeton Middle […]

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