A Virtual Reality Tour of the Old West

Kids are getting to take a virtual reality your of the old west thanks to Google Expeditions. Building their knowledge with images of covered wagons, […]

Special Needs Students are Taking On Responsibilities

Special needs students are taking on responsibilities that help them gain job and social skills in a new effort. Three years ago, the multiple disabilities […]

5 Tenets of Student Behavior

An elementary school principal has made some changes which include new programs and implementing 5 tenets of student behavior. Roosevelt Elementary principal Jana Mason believes […]

Math Club That Makes Learning Fun

A veteran teacher has started a new activity creating a math club that makes learning fun. Teacher Patty Cekella wants to make math fun for […]

Kids Are Spicing Up Board Games with Technology

Kids are spicing up board games with technology, and building "exergames" - that is games that incorporate basic coding and programming with¬†fitness. TECHFIT is a […]

Positive Approaches to Teacher Training

Positive approaches to teacher training are yielding results in classrooms as teachers learn to recognize that being positive affects their relationships with their students. At […]

Active Learning Labs Help Kids Exercise Body and Mind

Kids move while they learn, and active learning labs help kids exercise body and mind. At Burton-Pack Elementary, two new learning labs were built this […]

Student Has Invented an App for Early Autism Detection

A college student has invented an app for early Autism detection, which can be used by parents to screen their children for early signs of […]

Students Learning the Value of Being Outdoors

A language arts teacher has students learning the value of being outside, and journaling about the details of nature. Seventh graders at Hoosac Valley Middle […]

Teachers Learning From Each Other

The co-teaching movement is about teachers learning from each other, and it is affecting how teachers work in classrooms nationwide. In Sauk Prarie School District, […]

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