Sandbox Brings Augmented Reality to Public Schools

Playing in a sandbox may seem foolish, but not when that sandbox brings augmented reality to public schools. The superintendent of Fremont Public Schools, Mark […]

Young Children Learn Each Others’ Personality Traits

A recent study has found that young children learn each others' personality traits when they spend a lot of time around other preschoolers. Researchers from […]

International Pen Pals Share Language Lessons and Culture

International pen pals share language lessons and culture across countries by writing letters. ┬áThe activity helps students learn letter writing, and connect with peers from […]

Building a Greenhouse is a Long Term Project

Building a greenhouse is a long term project, and Sanborn Regional High School students and teachers are preparing for a major 18 month process of […]

Financial Help for Dual Credit Classes

It's not unusual for high school students to be working on college credit in their regular classes these days, but now some states are providing […]

Classroom 4 the Future

The Classroom 4 the Future initiative is having a positive impact on cognitively impaired students and their teachers. Tammy Brown teaches 10 moderately cognitively impaired […]

Learning to Multiply With Colored Arrays

Students who are visual learners are learning to multiply with colored arrays of counters, which helps them understand that multiplication is a set number of […]

Free Range Students

It doesn't look like a traditional classroom, as students have the freedom to move about in common space, becoming free range students. At Sunnyvale Middle […]

Students Take a Waste Audit of Cafeteria Trash

In order to find ways to make their school more green, a school club is having students take a waste audit of cafeteria trash to […]

Middle School Students are Immersed in the German Language

Middle school students are immersed in the German language and even take on the task of teaching younger students. At Millersburg Elementary School seventh and […]

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