Public Cafe Offers Hands On Learning to Special Needs Students

A new public cafe offers hands on learning to special needs students who are acquiring job skills. In Fresno California, the Kid's┬áCafe is teaching valuable […]

Students are Supporting the Clean Water Service Project

After reading the book"A Long Walk to Water", eighth grade students are supporting the Clean Water Service Project that benefits people in the South Sudan. […]

Earning Associate Degrees in Computer Science in High School

Through a new program, students are earning associate degrees in computer science in high school. Officials in local technology fields in McLean County are excited […]

Growing African-American Boys into Strong Men

An initiative focused on growing African-American boys into strong men is combining mentoring, motivation, character education and an Afrocentric curriculum to raise academic achievement. Since […]

Students Building Tiny Houses for Flood Survivors

12 vocational schools across the state of West Virginia have students building tiny houses for flood survivors, and the experience of giving back in a […]

Students Learn About the Financial Realities of Adult Life

Helping student learn about the financial realities of adult life is a focus of a financial literacy program offered in school by a community program. […]

Thinking Small About Class Size for Personalized Learning

A new group of education entrepreneurs are thinking small about class size. According to government data, there are approximately 27 students in the average public […]

Students Learn to Sew By Making Poppies for Veterans Day

Having students learn to sew by making poppies for Veterans Day has become a great way to teach a necessary skill and allow for creativity […]

Pumpkin Chunkin’ Event for Science

Kids were enjoying the annual Halloween Pumpkin Chunkin' event for science at Griffin Elementary School. The annual contest combines fun with experiments and scientific and […]

A Crisis in Math Education

The new state school superintendent of Alabama says that the state is facing a crisis in math education and is calling for a strategy to […]

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