Milestone Testing Becomes Enjoyable with Superheros and Positivity

Children and teachers are finding that milestone testing becomes enjoyable with superheros and positivity. The first day of Georgia's End of Grade testing began at […]

Pure Robotics Class for Middle Schoolers

A pure robotics class for middle schoolers is being launched for the first time in the Okaloosa County School district in Northwest Florida, and changing […]

Students Using Geometry to Design Playground Shade

A new playground has the added benefit of older students using geometry to design playground shade. The new playground at the Neil K. Bortz Family […]

Budding Engineers in Elementary School

Budding engineers in elementary school are helping the three little pigs build a house that withstands huffing and puffing - and is very tasty. Petway […]

Quilting Brings First Grade Students Together

A teacher is finding that quilting brings first grade students together, learning lessons of unity. At Crestview Elementary, Saundra Wimbley's first graders brought pieces of […]

Trash Free Lunch

Schools made an effort to have a trash free lunch last week, and lowered the amount of waste discarded in cafeterias as a result. The district […]

Gifted Program is Expanding to Younger Students

A gifted program is expanding to younger students next year as well as piloting separate Math and Language Arts classes for gifted seventh and eighth […]

Public Cafe Offers Hands On Learning to Special Needs Students

A new public cafe offers hands on learning to special needs students who are acquiring job skills. In Fresno California, the Kid's Cafe is teaching valuable […]

Students are Supporting the Clean Water Service Project

After reading the book"A Long Walk to Water", eighth grade students are supporting the Clean Water Service Project that benefits people in the South Sudan. […]

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