Veterans Share Experiences for Art and Research

Having veterans share experiences for art and research has proven to be a valuable asset to high school students who are focused on service experiences […]

CSI Math Students

A group of high school students are becoming CSI math students, as they find that learning and applying math concepts to classic crime scene investigation […]

Growing Number of English Language Learners

A growing number of English language learners are necessitating the expansion of services to ensure that these students can be educated. In Clarksville Indiana, the […]

Geoboard Shapes Math Education

Having a newly built Geoboard shapes math education in many ways that were not possible earlier. At Molin Upper Elementary School, the STEM department added […]

Elementary Students Testing a Surgical Robot

Elementary students testing a surgical robot had a chance to explore technology available to surgeons for over 900 procedures.  At Jack Anderson Elementary School,  Dr. […]

Learning About Martin Luther King Jr. is Important for Students

Learning about Martin Luther King Jr is important for students of all ages, who are finding out about the history of the civil rights struggle, […]

Tailoring Hybrid Learning to Students

Tailoring hybrid learning to students is a focus of one school district whose teachers are seeing growth in students as a result. At South Eastern […]

Students Officially Named a Street Behind Their School

A group of elementary students officially named a street behind their school by showing civic responsibility and presenting their proposal to the mayor. In East […]

Inspiring Children to Learn More About Agriculture

Inspiring children to learn more about agriculture is a passion of children's book author Holly Dufek. She believes that exposing children to simple concepts of […]

Letting Students Learn at Their Own Pace

Letting students learn at their own pace has resulted in a major shift in personalized learning in St. Regis schools. "It started two years ago […]

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