Business Owners Who are Still in Middle School

In Asbury Park, New Jersey, business owners who are still in middles school are planning their futures. "I didn't know about making my own business. […]

Grouping Students in Classes of Varying Ability

Grouping students in classes of varying ability, otherwise known as heterogeneous classes, is an approach for mixing grade levels of students who are on the […]

Kids are Taking the H2O Challenge

A group of fifth graders are building a model of a mountain to better understand the flow of California water, and by applying what they […]

Combining Special and General Ed Students in Some Classes

A middle school program is combining special and general ed students in some classes for physical education/art. At Leland Middle School, 26 general education sixth […]

zSpace Lab Provides 3D Learning Opportunities

Union School is finding that their new zSpace lab provides 3D learning opportunities to middle school students, enabling them to learn math, science and more. […]

Kids Show the Gates Foundation How to Bring Internet to Ethiopia

Fourth graders have big plans, as kids show the Gates Foundation how to bring internet to Ethiopia. At John Thomas School of Discovery in Nixa, […]

Chinese New Year Celebration

A middle school made certain that a Chinese New Year celebration included a dragon parade, where sixth graders showed off masks that they made. ┬áThe […]

Lessons for the US from Finland’s Education System

The most recent results of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) exam indicate that there are lessons for the US from Finland's Education System. […]

Focusing on Soft Skills

At the Dayton Regional STEM School, students are focusing on soft skills such as professionalism, collaboration, and communication. The school is using physician/psychologist Edward de […]

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