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The Power of Positivity

The power of positivity is making Carroll Middle School a happy place, according to students and staff.  For over a year, the Positivity Project has been in place at the school.  The national program teaches students how to build positive relationships with others....

The Importance of Deep Sleep for Visual Learning

Researchers exploring the importance of deep sleep for visual learning have discovered that visual perceptual learning is cemented in the brain during deep sleep, otherwise known as slow-wave sleep. Most people are familiar with visual perceptual learning through...

Sit With Us App Helps Combat Lunchtime Bullying

A new Sit With Us app helps combat lunchtime bullying in high school by encouraging students to be lunch buddies. At Montgomery Blair High School, There are students who will eat lunch with almost anyone and not make a secret of it. Senior Jason Koch-Gallup downloaded...

Major Funding for Autism Research

The National Institutes of Health distributed major funding for autism research to universities across the country that are conducting research to increase knowledge and understanding of how autism develops and interventions. Nine grants totaling nearly $100 million...

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