School Buses with WiFi Help Students Make Better Use of Time

Instead of wasting travel time, school buses with WiFi help students make better use of time spent traveling back and forth to school. For some […]

The Value of Kindness

After reading the novel 'Wonder' by R.J. Palacio, students were motivated to promote the value of kindness by preparing paper bags full of small things as […]

Breaking a Secret Code with Math

Kids are learning to use their detective skills for breaking a secret code with math, unlocking a series of locks to get to a tasty […]

Chess Clubs Encourage Learning

Chess clubs encourage learning, and a group of retirees is convincing students that chess has something to offer that even video games don't have. “You […]

Learning Physics Through Model Race Cars

Middle school students are learning physics through model race cars. At Salida Middle School, Tom Wright's industrial arts classes have been making race cars from […]

STEM Room is a Think Tank for Young Students

A school's new STEM room is a think tank for young students, as they make creations of their own that solve problems and are innovative […]

Students Learn the History of the Holocaust

Having students learn the history of the Holocaust means that they can learn not only of wartime atrocity, but of the world conditions that led […]

Math Madness Basketball Game

At the annual Math Madness basketball game, local schools prepared with basketball related math questions before children saw the exciting game between Worcester State University women's […]

Learning Math with Minecraft

Learning math with Minecraft looks like students are just playing video games all day.  In fact, they are learning lessons on area, perimeter, and other […]

Students with Limited English Increasing in Some Areas

There is a strain on school budgets as students with limited English increasing in some area continue to need help breaking the language barrier. In […]

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