Math Madness Basketball Game

At the annual Math Madness basketball game, local schools prepared with basketball related math questions before children saw the exciting game between¬†Worcester State University women's […]

Learning Math with Minecraft

Learning math with Minecraft looks like students are just playing video games all day. ¬†In fact, they are learning lessons on area, perimeter, and other […]

Students with Limited English Increasing in Some Areas

There is a strain on school budgets as students with limited English increasing in some area continue to need help breaking the language barrier. In […]

Coding in Spanish

Elementary school students are not only learning how to write code, but they are learning coding in Spanish. At Sugar Creek Elementary School in Verona, […]

World Language Courses in Middle School

World language courses in middle school are preparing students for advanced foreign language study, while introducing them to different cultures and opportunities for careers in […]

Job Club Explores Future Options for Students with Disabilities

As a job club explores future options for students with disabilities, students are learning to lead discussions and deal with topics such as interview skills, […]

Teachers are Invited to Lead and Collaborate

Iowa schools are changing a trend of teaching alone, as teachers are invited to lead and collaborate through a program known as TLC. The Teacher […]

Mentorship for At-Risk Students

Mentorship for at-risk students is making a difference for boys in Kalamazoo schools. At a recent lunchtime gathering, five boys told Johnny Edwards, director of […]

Learning Social Studies Through Art

There's a different way to learn about U.S. Government and Economics - learning social studies through art. Advanced Placement art students at Herkimer High School […]

Stretching Everyone’s Vocabulary with the Word of the Week

Stretching everyone's vocabulary with the Word of the Week was an idea that Chris Clouet was enthusiastic to introduce his first year as school superintendent […]

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