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Young Students are Exploring STEM in a Lab

The ability to put science, technology, engineering, and math into the hands of children is the reason that young student are exploring STEM in a lab at their elementary school. At Schmitt Elementary School, a STEM lab was created three years ago, serving 690 students...

Middle School Students Design With 3D Technology

Teaching middle school students design with 3D technology is allowing students to become 3D modeling interior designers, and teachers are customers for home renovation. At Washington Middle School in Long Beach, technology teacher James Laub jokes about the...

New Accent on Career Technical Education

A new accent on career technical education is energizing the start of the school year at Russellville Middle School in Alabama. “This is actually something we’ve been working on for a while, strengthening our career technical program, but the students will...

High Schools Offering a Pilot Program in Cybersecurity

Two high schools offering a pilot program in cybersecurity are growing their computer science programs by making them responsive to needs of students and the community. In El Dorado, Arkansas, the high school is one of two public high schools in Arkansas to implement...

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