Changing a School with Personalized Learning

Teachers taking charge of their professional development are changing a school with personalized learning. In Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the Hattiesburg School District enables teachers to decide […]

Studying the Writing of Ralph Ellison

A new curriculum studying the writing of Ralph Ellison has been created at Douglass High School, where the celebrated author graduated from in 1931.¬† Students […]

BMW is Supporting a School STEM Program

In an effort to train students for tomorrow's workforce, BMW is supporting a school STEM program with a significant financial gift. BMW has donated $300,000 […]

Online Games Prepare Students for Actual STEM Careers

It may seem surprising, but online games prepare students for actual STEM careers. Learning Blade is an online program with a game based format which […]

School Foundation Partners with a Bank for Success in Reading

When a school foundation partners with a bank for success in reading, students benefit by having new books and being able to read books simultaneously […]

Sharing Learning Experiences in Inclusive Classrooms

It's possible for students to be sharing learning experiences in inclusive classrooms. ¬†Recently,¬†Sparta High School students in an 11th grade college prep English class worked […]

Art Helps Students Learn Science

Art helps students learn science, language, math, and other subjects, and resident artists are working with teachers and students to bring it all together at […]

Crowdfunding for Teachers

Getting wishlist items for their classrooms isn't a matter anymore of asking the principal, now that there is crowdfunding for teachers who request donations for […]

Students Evaluated Their District Chromebooks

Middle school students evaluated their district Chromebooks in a survey, and they had a lot of favorable things to say. The one-to-one program at Meramec […]

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