Kids Get to Know George Washington

Last week, the occasion of the 285th birthday of the first president of the United States provided an opportunity to have kids get to know […]

The Benefits of Extending ESL Programs

The benefits of extending ESL programs to younger students are showing up in improved proficiency scores and increased graduation rates from the program in the […]

Sixth Grade Newspaper Covers Community Events

Forsyth County residents now have another source for local news, now that a sixth grade newspaper covers community events. The Forsyth County Bounty is the […]

Harvest from the School Winter Garden is Served at Lunch

First graders are literally eating the fruit of their labor, as the harvest from the school winter garden is served at lunch.  The result of […]

Students are Hosting Their Own Comic Con

Students are hosting their own Comic Con for the third time and excited about writing stories that become comic books. At East Middle School, students […]

Helping New Teachers with Mentoring

A state funded program is helping new teachers with mentoring, to guide them through the important first year in Sioux Falls. According to experienced educators, […]

Italian Pen Pals Corresponding with American Students

A bridge to another world has been established in one classroom, as Italian pen pals corresponding with American students are telling them all about life […]

Making Space for Creative Learning

A recently opened STEAM studio in a school library is how one elementary school is making space for creative learning. Some of the materials available […]

Students Exercise Creativity and Tech Expertise In News Program

At one middle school, students exercise creativity and tech expertise in a news program produced weekly for informing the school community and entertainment. At Joplin […]

Watershed Festival Makes Science Real

The Columbia River Watershed Festival makes science real for elementary school students. The kids learn that they are going to get their hands dirty.  And […]

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