Apprenticeship Program Gives Teens a Career Boost

A new apprenticeship program gives teens a career boost, as they are learning skills they will need in the workforce. In Tacoma,15 high school students […]

Robot Class is Helping to Improve Math Skills

A robot class is helping to improve math skills among middle school students by engaging and rewarding them for problem solving and applying what they […]

The Benefits of Full-Day Kindergarten

The ability to work in detail and develop reading and writing readiness is one of the benefits of full-day kindergarten which is being explored in […]

Kids Get to Know George Washington

Last week, the occasion of the 285th birthday of the first president of the United States provided an opportunity to have kids get to know […]

The Benefits of Extending ESL Programs

The benefits of extending ESL programs to younger students are showing up in improved proficiency scores and increased graduation rates from the program in the […]

Sixth Grade Newspaper Covers Community Events

Forsyth County residents now have another source for local news, now that a sixth grade newspaper covers community events. The Forsyth County Bounty is the […]

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