Students Host a Wax Museum of American History

When students host a wax museum of American history, they learn about the words, dress, culture, and appearance of major historical figures. At Nikiski North […]

Actress Hedy Lamarr Helped Pave the Way For Cell Phones

Although she is better known as a movie star of the 1940s, actress Hedy Lamarr helped pave the way for cell phones by designing a […]

Using Rap Music to Teach History

An Amherst teacher is using rap music to teach history, and students are empowered by the spoken word. In Michael Lawrence-Riddell’s seventh grade English class, […]

American Middle Schoolers are Writing to Ethiopian Students

American middle schoolers are writing to Ethiopian students to understand poverty across the world. The eighth graders in Sara Morrison's daily enrichment class at Lynnhaven […]

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