Home Visits Foster Relationships Between Teachers and Families

Home visits foster relationships between teachers and families, when teachers visit with no homework or forms, just a desire to learn more about their students. […]

Project Based Learning Turns Students Into Researchers

As elementary school children study the environment, project based learning turns students into researchers. Instead of passively learning from books and online resources, fifth graders at […]

Eighth Graders Decide the Fate of World War II

In a unique history lesson, eighth graders decide the fate of World War II, taking on the role of President Truman. Some of history's greatest […]

Kids Designed the School Carnival They Wanted

A very special class project made school interested while kids designed the school carnival they wanted. “Here’s what I learned: school isn’t boring,” said Nikko, […]

Overcoming Math Anxiety

People who struggle with overcoming math anxiety are not all bad at math.  They experience a high amount of stress at performing mathematical tasks, especially […]

Mindfulness Training in School for Teachers and Students

Mindfulness training in school for teachers and students is having a calming effect on the teachers in one primary school. At B.M. Williams Primary School […]

Experiments in Weightlessness Designed by Students

Safer spacesuits is the goal of experiments in weightlessness designed by students that will be aboard the International Space Station next year. 50 students at […]

Advanced Placement Courses in Spanish for Middle School

Advanced placement courses in Spanish for middle school enables students to earn college credit early, as well as learn the language. The Riverside Unified district […]

Using US Census Data for Lessons

Teachers are finding a gold mine of statistics sources by using U.S. Census Data for lessons. The U.S.  Census Bureau has some new ideas for […]

Real Men Read

Men are taking breaks from their jobs in areas where students struggle, to sit in classrooms and show children that real men read. The Real […]

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