High School Students Boxing for Fitness

An effort to engage students in physical activity that is popular and of interest to them has resulted in high school students boxing for fitness. […]

Embracing Art with Curriculum

An elementary school teacher is embracing art with curriculum, fighting the cutbacks in art experiences by incorporating art into other subjects, and concepts from curriculum […]

Preschool Program for Highly Gifted Youngsters

A preschool program for highly gifted youngsters is scheduled to open this summer for four and five year olds with IQs of 130 or higher. […]

Middle School Girls Have an Online Beauty Business

A group of 16 middle school girls have an online beauty business, providing affordable beauty products to their peers. Central Relaxation is the online store […]

High School Students Open a Bank

In a unique approach to on the job training, a credit union is having high school students open a bank branch in school. At Yreka […]

Finding Math in Music With an Artist in Residence

Elementary students are finding math in music with an artist in residence. Iowa City fifth graders are learning math through music as this year's M.C. […]

Creating Calm For Stressed-Out Students

For 20 minutes a day, creating calm for stressed-out students is part of the daily routine. At Roosevelt High School in Seattle, the mandated 20 […]

Building Math Concepts with Hammers and Nails

Elementary students are building math concepts with hammers and nails, as they construct a small house. Fifth grade students from St. Clair Elementary School are […]

Getting Kids with Autism and ADHD to Exercise

Getting kids with autism and ADHD to exercise can be a challenge, but a small study has found that the key to getting these children […]

Online Public Library Cards for Students

Online public library cards for students are making it easier for them to check out reading material, and use student ID numbers instead of physical […]

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