Letters to Parents to Prevent School Absences

A school district has started sending "nudge" letters to parents to prevent school absences. When students miss too many days of school, schools in Tacoma […]

Aqua Zumba Gets Special Ed Students to Move in the Water

Aqua Zumba gets special ed students to move in the water, and they are finding that the trip to the Aquatic Center twice a week […]

Foreign Language Field Day

Foreign Language Field Day tests the language and culture skills of high school students. Hundreds of students have registered to attend, from 16 schools in […]

Using Newspapers to Teach All Subjects

A fourth grade teacher is using newspapers to teach all subjects, including math, science, social studies, and grammar. “There’s not a subject that you can’t […]

Co-Teaching in Special Education

A new model for co-teaching in special education is being implemented at Fort Bend ISD.  Teaching general education and special education students in the same […]

Art Illustrates Math Concepts for Young Students

Elementary school kids in the Meet the Masters Program are learning that art illustrates math concepts for young students. Art teacher Breanna Kincaid asked a […]

Can Exercise Prevent Student Behavior Problems?

Can exercise prevent student behavior problems?  A new study suggests that children with behavioral disorders might have a better school experience if exercise is part […]

Solving Math Problems with Sledding Fun

Nearly 70 sixth graders are solving math problems with sledding fun, leaving class behind to combine fun with lessons on measurements. At Lehman-Jackson Elementary, students joined […]

Middle School Students are Learning to Love Many Languages

Middle school students are learning to love many languages, as they start out with the opportunity to sample several of them before taking one for […]

Learning About the Industrial Revolution

Fifth graders are learning about the industrial revolution through a project that kept them engaged and brought parents to campus at the University of Texas of […]

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