Solving the World’s Problems for Homework

Solving the world's problems for homework has provided an imaginative and meaningful problem solving experience for a group of eighth graders completing the assignment to […]

Science and Debate Come Alive with a 3-D Printer

While learning about adaptations of animals, a fourth grade science class experienced science and debate come alive with a 3-D printer. At Cedar Road Elementary […]

Animals in the Classroom

Animals in the classroom help students with learning in many different ways.  Not only do children learn the responsibility of caring for the animal, and […]

Kids Learn from Their Mistakes

When kids learn from their mistakes, a new study finds that they can become smarter than their peers who think their intelligence is already set. […]

Students Succeed with Hands-On Learning

With the addition of a new science wing and shop class, middle school students succeed with hands-on learning and are eagerly participating in science labs, […]

Students Learn Real World Finance by Paying Rent on Their Desks

A new approach is helping students learn real world finance by paying rent on their desks and other tasks such as balancing a check book […]

Active Children Have an Academic Edge in Reading and Math

A recent study has found that active children have an academic edge in reading and math. Researchers from the University of eastern Finland examined children […]

Kindergarten Social Skills are Linked to Young Adult Success

A recent study has found that kindergarten social skills are linked to young adult success. "We were surprised but not completely surprised,” said study leader […]

Veterans Project is Personal for Students

Every fall, a seventh grade veterans project is personal for students, who not only research information online but see better understanding of the military experience […]

Sharing Lessons From the Holocaust Museum

Two teachers are sharing lessons from the Holocaust Museum, bringing home lessons that they hope will impact their students mindset and knowledge of history. At […]

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