Teachers Learn New Ways To Keep Students Engaged

When teachers learn new ways to keep students engaged, they have a chance to see how students respond to those strategies and how they talk […]

March Madness for Books

March Madness is usually associated with college basketball and the final four, but a group of teachers have started a different kind of March Madness […]

Solving the World’s Problems for Homework

Solving the world's problems for homework has provided an imaginative and meaningful problem solving experience for a group of eighth graders completing the assignment to […]

Science and Debate Come Alive with a 3-D Printer

While learning about adaptations of animals, a fourth grade science class experienced science and debate come alive with a 3-D printer. At Cedar Road Elementary […]

Animals in the Classroom

Animals in the classroom help students with learning in many different ways. ┬áNot only do children learn the responsibility of caring for the animal, and […]

Kids Learn from Their Mistakes

When kids learn from their mistakes, a new study finds that they can become smarter than their peers who think their intelligence is already set. […]

Students Succeed with Hands-On Learning

With the addition of a new science wing and shop class, middle school students succeed with hands-on learning and are eagerly participating in science labs, […]

Students Learn Real World Finance by Paying Rent on Their Desks

A new approach is helping students learn real world finance by paying rent on their desks and other tasks such as balancing a check book […]

Active Children Have an Academic Edge in Reading and Math

A recent study has found that active children have an academic edge in reading and math. Researchers from the University of eastern Finland examined children […]

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