Eighth Graders Remodel their Classroom, Mentored by Older Students

A plan to have eighth graders remodel their classroom, mentored by older students in high school, is helping kids understand real life applications for math. […]

Classroom Movement and Mental Health are Connected

Research has shown that classroom movement and mental health are connected, and teachers are pleased to see that exercise not only improves grades, but reduced […]

Flex Time Allows Students Greater Flexibility in Scheduling

Flex Time allows students greater flexibility in scheduling their make-up work, club meetings, studies, and other needs.  In South Carolina, the Clover School District is […]

College Mentors Work With Middle Schoolers to Build a Tiny House

At Paul Lawrence Dunbar Middle School for Innovation in Lynchburg, Virginia, college mentors work with middle schoolers to build a tiny house, and it is […]

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