Making PE Class Inclusive

A high school is making PE class inclusive, and students are learning how to participate in physical activity with or without a disability. At Barnstable […]

Exploring Crop Circles in the Snow

Crop circles have been the subject of many films and science fiction stories, but now students are exploring crop circles in the snow, and researching […]

Multi-Age Classrooms Combine Different Ages and Abilities

Multi-age classrooms combine different ages and abilities, and are being used as a solution to budget restraints.  An upside is that they also allow for […]

New Lessons in Outdoor Classrooms

New lessons in outdoor classrooms include math and science, as young children collect leaves and use math skills to build a stick house. The outdoor […]

Using a Robot to Teach a Class from China

A high school teacher is using a robot to teach a class from China. John Remmel of Santa Margarita High School was at a Model […]

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